I love, love, love Kim. To me, she is all that is lovely, kind, and beautiful. She's a real-life Disney princess. When she asked me to photograph her destination wedding, you can imagine how my heart just formed a massive puddle on the floor. Kim and Ryan's wedding weekend was. a. BLAST. Oh these two amazing people and their incredible families! As we all hung out over the course of two days, Andrew and I truly felt like members of the Jackson clan and we loved every minute of it. This amazing wedding was blissful as we sauntered around D.C. - from their sunrise Lincoln Memorial first look, to their big family brunch reception, concluding with photos at the botanical garden...my heart remained a puddle moment after moment. As their big day unfolded, I kept nudging Andrew, asking if their wedding that we were photographing was real life or a dream. He answered each time, "Both."

Ryan and Kim, you two are the coolest and your wedding was perfection. Thank you again for the privilege you gave Andrew and me by choosing us to be your wedding photographers -- let's do it again sometime, yeah?