Before Booking Your Wedding or Session

How would you describe your photography style?

Documentary, movement-inspired, sincere, organic, warm, timeless, joyful, artistic. These are the themes that directs my art in every project.

As far as a color gradient goes, I edit my color photos to look how the moment was in real life, with lots of artistic, grainy b/w photos mixed in. However, my style is known to fluctuate a tad because every couple is so different. No two wedding galleries or session galleries look the same. The way I shoot and edit photos is largely inspired by the people in front of me and it's reflective of their personalities, skin tones, hair tones, etc. These are your memories, not mine. I'm not going to put a filter over them and call it a day.

I also like to throw in a handful of funky vintage or artsy photos into the mix if I sense you value having unique images that break free from what everyone else is doing. Let's do our own thing and it'll be fabulous.

Do you pose?

My photos are of real moments. Nothing is staged, forced, or set up. Instead, we create together. I give you prompts and actions -- not poses -- to get you moving and along the way, I capture who you are. No awkward half-smiles. Even if you say, "He never smiles for photos," your man will end up laughing, trust me. We have so much fun together.

I love the ladies who don't care if their dress gets dirty, or if their hair or dresses are blowing in the breeze. To me, a shot where everything is perfect is not what's important. It's about the emotion and feeling of the milestone you're crossing. The joy on your face. It's about taking this opportunity to create art of YOU. Those are the photos that mean so much down the road. If you're looking for "perfect" posed shots, we may not be the best fit.

How many weddings have you photographed?

Over fifty :')

How many weddings and sessions do you take per year?

I focus on quality over quantity. I only take on a couple bookings each month. I can't give each client my best work if I’m physically, mentally, and creatively exhausted from shooting every day and editing around the clock.

When I was selecting a wedding photographer, I remember wanting someone that wasn't shooting weddings every weekend, let alone multiples per weekend, because I felt that my big day would just be another set of files on their computer. I didn't want a photographer doing the "same old, same old." So I have limited availability so I can pour into each couple with everything I have and tailor the experience to their needs. I aim to give the premium service my clients deserve: for my clients I love to just shower them with genuine love and my full attention. This also helps me keep turnaround time shorter.

Your photos aren't made in an assembly line. They're hand-crafted, unique, and my best work.

When I go to contact you for my big wedding, I only see smaller weddings in the drop down menu?

Yes. At this time, I am not booking large, traditional weddings for 2023-2024. More on that over on my "Business Changes" tab in the menu under INFO.

Are you a full-time pro photographer?

Yes and no. Yes, this is my career and running my own business definitely requires full-time work hours. But, I don't spend my whole day just doing photography-related projects. I need an old-fashioned balance to my day with plenty of time for devotionals, prioritizing my health, cooking fun meals, game nights, and spending quality time with Andrew. I also recently began the journey of student midwifery, so I've been setting aside time in my schedule to study and apprentice.

Do you have session availability on weekends?

I base my business availability around my church and family involvements and routine. Life gets first dibs, work gets second. <3 This means for all sessions, I primarily shoot on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Occasionally, I will open up a weekend for a higher rate or weekend fee. I put this into practice in order to prioritize my husband and our life together.

"Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life." - Dolly Parton

Do you have a second photographer or photograph weddings yourself?

Andrew has been my second photographer for all the large weddings I shot in years past. He's so talented that he alone photographed much of my sister's destination wedding, as I was in the wedding.
Moving forward however, for elopements as well as most intimate or small weddings I do not need a second photographer. However I do have one wedding package that includes Andrew as an additional photographer, just for the fun of having another artist present at your wedding. :)

Can You Photoshop Us?

I believe everyone is beautiful the way they are as God made them and my style centers around capturing people as truly themselves. If you are looking for edits including weight adjustments, large tattoo removal, fake skies, altered backgrounds, edited eyes, or other unnatural requests, we might not be a good fit! Although I choose flattering prompts and angles, I'm a photojournalist at heart and I believe in capturing scenes tastefully yet authentically to the moment.

How far in advance do you book?

For 2023-2024, I will not be able to book any sessions or events more than 1-2 months in advance.
More on that over on my "Business Changes" tab in the menu under INFO.

Do you travel?

Yes! For sessions or weddings, I am willing to travel anywhere within the United States. So far for weddings, we've not only traveled all over West Virginia, but also to Orange Beach, Alabama; Washington D.C.; Lynchburg, Virginia; Mt. Solon, Virginia; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Nags Head, North Carolina; and St. Augustine, Florida! Swoooon. For sessions, I've traveled all over the state and neighboring states.

How many pictures are included in your session and wedding galleries?

For weddings, usually 75-100 per hour of coverage. For sessions, it really depends on the kind of session and package selected. My smallest portrait session is 20 images currently, but ranges up to 100+.

How do couples receive their photos?

In online galleries and in custom hard back photobooks if requested for purchase! Living in Appalachia, I also have USB thumb drives available for purchase in the event you don't have a secure, strong wifi connection at home to download large files in bulk.

Can we request a specific list of shots we would like for our session or wedding?

It depends on the kind. Wonderful requests are:
"At every family wedding we get THIS crazy family photo!"
"I'd like to bring this ___ to my session to get photos with it because it really represents me."
"Can I bring my pet?"
"A photo with our exquisite chapel ceiling is really important to me."
"I'd like a 'pinky promise' picture!"
"I've always dreamt of having a photo taken of me twirling in my wedding dress!"
--and so on. LOVE!

Overall, I enjoy being creative and making unique narrative galleries, and I LOVE when you have fun ideas to do off the top of your head. I feel those opportunities are dampened when I am asked to directly copy Instagram and Pinterest photos and poses for your whole session rather than stick to my personal approach. You are unique and deserve photos that are tailored to YOU! Always select an artist who has galleries with the kinds of images you'd like to be delivered to you.

How much is due to book? Do you offer payment plans?

For 2023-2024, I will not be making advance bookings (more on that over on my "Business Changes" tab in the menu under INFO). So the type of shoot and season in which you're booking will determine if a percentage is due upfront to reserve your date that month, and if a payment plan is an option.

We love your work! How do we book you?

Oh YYYYYAAAAAYYY !! I'll be happy dancing once I hear this from you! 100% guarantee. Send me a message in the contact tab! I can't wait!

What kind of photography is your favorite?

Relaxed, genuine, & emotive photojournalism is my jam. So I truly come to life when photographing intimate wedding days, births, and church worship services.

What's your mission statement?

It's my prayer that everyone who works with me can see how beautiful and loved they are by God, who created us all so uniquely and with such intentionality. I'm here to show you how beautiful your life is through others' eyes. I pray that you will feel and know that you're cherished as we hang out together and I create meaningful photographs for you!

After Booking

After we book, what happens next? How does this work?

After we have your date reserved, for spontaneous weddings we will work together on a little itinerary, and prepare for your big day! For sessions, after booking we keep our eye out for the weather and I help with any outfit questions you have.

What happens if we have unfavorable weather?

I love embracing the wind or rain or snow. It creates a certain care-free vibe for my subjects that I just adore photographing. But if we're all going to be miserable or my gear's safety is in question, then we take necessary steps to work around it:

For sessions, I wait until the night before or morning of to call off a session. In WV the forecast can be rather unreliable until that point. If it looks like we'll definitely have bad weather, I provide dates to which you can reschedule. There is no fee for rescheduling shoots I call off due to poor conditions.

For weddings, I always have a clear umbrella packed (which some couples opt not to use and I LOVE IT when they get all soaked like a romance movie) but we can try to do all we can indoors if that's what's preferred.

When do we make our wedding day timeline?

Since I'm only booking spontaneous, intimate wedding days for 2023-2024, only about 1-2 weeks out from your marriage.

Do you need a vendor meal?

If you are having a 6-hour wedding or longer, during your wedding dinner, both of us professional photographers will need a meal. We understand that those costs can add up, so if a meal is not offered to us then we go offsite for 45 minutes.

What if we need to cancel/reschedule?

For a session, if you need to cancel or reschedule, you can do so. But for your new date or the next time you wish to schedule a session, 50% of the package chosen will be due upfront to book and will be nonrefundable.

Should you cancel, change, or postpone your wedding contract with more than 30 days prior to your wedding, 20% of the money from your wedding package total remains nonrefundable, it being the agreed loss I suffer from that date being cancelled. If you cancel within 30 days of your wedding, 60% of your package total is nonrefundable, it being the loss I suffer due to cancellation.
If you reschedule your wedding day, your original contract will be filed as a cancellation. If I have your new date available for booking, I'll send you my current wedding packages to rebook with us for your new date. A new deposit will be required to book your new date. You'll receive credit for the money you already paid which can be applied to your new booking within one year of the rescheduling. If I don't have your date available, I'll refund you according to my cancellation policy.

What happens if you suddenly cannot come?

If I suddenly cannot make it to your session, you can either choose to be refunded for any money paid or to be sent dates to reschedule your session. This is very unlikely and would definitely be a bummer if it happens, but sometimes acts of God take place and there's nothing we can do.

I have never missed a wedding, but if I cannot make it for some dire reason, Lord forbid, I will immediately book a replacement photographer to come shoot. Upon confirmation that they can step in, I will give you the options to either carry on as planned or be fully refunded (including your deposit) if you want to cancel your contract as a result of my absence.

In the event that I cannot make it, and no replacements can be found, I will return every cent you paid me.

After the Wedding or Session

How long until we receive the gallery?

For all my work, my turnaround time is typically 6-8 weeks depending on the season. Summer and fall are very busy but don't worry, I make sure to send sneak peeks for weddings!

Will I have full rights to the pictures?

As an artist, I retain the copyrights to my artwork. When you book your wedding, event, or session with me, I retain full copyrights internationally and at all times, as well as the authority to share my work on any medium. I love sharing my projects with the world. (though I must admit, I'm terrible at keeping my socials updated!)

In return, I give my clients the right to print and post images online for all personal use, provided they credit me and don't alter the photos.

However, if you are in a scenario in which your photos cannot be shared online, definitely chat with me. I'll always respect your wishes.

Do I have to order prints through you?

I give you rights to print photos yourself for personal use, but I love when couples print their photos from my gallery store. It guarantees premium quality and supports my family!

How long does my gallery remain active?

For sessions and events, 1 year. For weddings, 2-10 years depending on the package you select. However you always want to download your images as soon as you can, because as soon as my email hits your inbox, they're in your hands to protect!

Can we order an album even if we didn't purchase one upfront?

Of course! I'd love love love to create one for you. There's only one way to truly enjoy your images, and that's off the screen. Through print is when they become magical -- there's just something so special about holding a beautiful memory tangibly in your hands.

How to Know We're a Great Fit

You trust me as the artist.

You know that I will take good care of you, treat you as my own family, and do my job well as a professional artist. You fully trust leaving your wedding or session in my hands both with the flow of the day and preserving your memories.

You know I'll give your photos my ALL.

Fun fact: Your trust in me also ends up impacting your satisfaction with your final gallery as well -- trusting me means you know that your images were carefully taken, selected, and designed all with intention and to perfectly tell your story.

My style is your aesthetic.

I focus on making images timeless with true-to-life color and a pop of contrast. My style is your aesthetic if you enjoy the movement, coloration, spontaneity, and joy on which I focus in my images with occasional dramatic black and white shots. I also like to throw in a handful of funky vintage or artsy photos into the mix if I sense you value having unique images that break free from what everyone else is doing. We're a great fit if you want to see your own memories preserved and displayed with my style.

You feel comfortable with my personality.

We'll be a great fit if you feel a connection to my heart and way of doing things. If you feel that we could be good friends as you look over my site, it's likely we will be! This is very important -- at your session or wedding I'll follow you around even more than your maid of honor or best man or BFF, so you need to be comfortable with my personality!

If you enjoy someone being sometimes VERY excited for you (think personal cheerleader), then you'll love working with me -- I'm the very opposite of a cool and collected photographer and love cherishing my people. I enter into weddings and sessions with my heart.

My site gets you excited!

This space I've created should get you pumped and inspire you to dream of what your own photos will be like told with my artistic eye and heart for you!

If you just said, "Yes, yes, yes, and YES!" then you really should hit the button below.