Is it possible for a wedding to be perfect? Yes, it is.

This wedding is extra special to me because Kaleigh is my sister. She was my maid of honor, we now live 5 minutes from each other and we've been through life together and hold each other close. So when she and Carson asked Andrew and me to photograph their destination wedding, my heart nearly exploded.

This wedding day is my favorite of all time - this wedding week was just bathed in beachy goodness - it was laid back, intimate, and intentional. God deserves all the glory for this day, for these photos, and for every detail. He painted the sky the prettiest and softest blue, our hearts were filled with pure glee, and He blanketed the day in peace. I'm not kidding when I say the Holy Spirit created the most tangible atmosphere of purity, JOY, and deep love that I've ever seen. Ask any of the 23 that were there: this day was absolutely magical, and it was one of the happiest days of all our lives. The hardest job I had curating for this website was narrowing down this wedding's 1900 photos to about 250 faves for this page.

These photos have my heart. Welcome to this special day told in my favorite photos.